Before any system orders are placed at the VH360 store it is recommended to consult with one of our sales consultants to review your goals and your homes internal network and internet service level to determine if what is installed and the service provided is capable of delivering the reliable system performance required.
Whether your system is basic or very complex it requires a robust infrastructure and clear signal paths for reliable operation.

What does this mean?

1. Operation within the home environment.

Wireless operation is one of the many advantages of the VH360 system. However, despite the strength of any transmitted signal, there are environmental factors, such as size of house, amount of floors, walls and the construction material, that can cause signal degradation and therefore affect the reliable operation of controlled devices.
These obstacles can be overcome by robust WiFi network design and the proper placement of wired Zwave controlled devices, such as wall mounted light switches and outlet receptacles.

2. Remote Operation
The service level of your internet service provider is an important factor when viewing controlled devices and monitoring cameras. Provider service level should be provided to sales consultant to determine if it is at the proper bandwidth for reliable operation.

With the correct wireless ecosystem, the VH360 system will deliver reliable operation throughout your entire home.

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