Device Integration

Most home automation devices operate as an appliance. If you want a remote-controlled door lock, you can buy one, it will come with its own app, and you are set. Alternatively, if all you want is a smart thermostat, it will come with its own app and will work fine. However, if you want them to work together, that is where the custom features of the VH360 System differentiate from competing products.

VH360 Advantage

The VH360 platform is fundamentally different from these “walled garden” home automation systems. The VH360 platform is designed for expansion from the ground up. Our goal is to provide consumers with the most user-friendly, secure, private and comprehensive platform for creating a smarthome, with plenty of room to grow.

Best of all, with VH360 you get all this power, flexibility and ease-of-use, yet there are no monthly fees required, which makes VH360 today’s best value in smarthome control.